Flame Thorn

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Indigenous flame thorn tree

Scientific name: Acacia ataxacantha;

English Name: Flame thorn

Local Name: NA

General information:

Very spiny scandent shrub, non-climbing shrub or medium sized tree occurring in rocky ridges often forming thickets.

Health benefits:

The bark and leaves are used to reduce irritation and inflammation and are also generally used for pain relief (pain-killers) and used for healing. The dough sheet is used topically in the treatment of swellings. The bark is also used against tooth decay, and by inhalation in case of bronchitis and coughs. The pods and seeds of Acacia ataxacantha are also used in the fight against dysentery and the roots are used in Kenya in the treatment of joint and back pains.


Human benefits

Household, domestic and personal items such as ornaments. The bark also gives by-products such as fibre.

Farmer benefits

The plant is grown as a hedge and used for honey harvesting.