Frangipani Yellow-White

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Scientific name: Plumeria alba. Common name: White Frangipani, White Plumeria.

Up to 6m tall.

Sun exposure: Full, partial. These tropical flowers can be grown in sun and partial shade, but fare the best in abundant sunshine; at least six hours per day is ideal.

Soil Type: Loamy, sandy, well-drained. The white frangipani is tolerant of a wide array of soil types, as long as it is well-draining. Soil that does not drain well can cause root rot. It does the best in loamy, rich, well-draining soil that is neutral or slightly acidic. Soil pH: Acidic, neutral.

Bloom Time: Summer, fall

Watering: These trees do well with about one inch of water per week. Water deeply, then allow the soil to dry out completely before watering. 

Fertilizer: Frangipanis require high-phosphorus fertilizer. Avoid giving these trees too much nitrogen, as this will produce more foliage than flowers. Feed this tree every month during the growing season for the best results. Established trees may not require yearly fertilizing.