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Scientific name: Idaeobatus

Local Name:

General Details

Raspberries come in four colours, red, black, yellow and purple.  A few cultivars can tolerate winter temperatures of up to -30°C and most are hardy up to -10°C. Red and Yellow raspberries belong to the same species and are the hardiest.

Black raspberries belong to a different sub-species and can be injured at temperatures at around -23°C. Their fruits are smaller and seedier than with those of red raspberries. Black raspberries are considered as a “super fruit” due to their exceptionally high level of antioxidants (anthocyanins), phenolic compounds, vitamin A, vitamin C, and other nutrients.

Purple raspberries are a cross between black and red raspberries. They are vigorous and highly productive plants. Their berry flavour makes them great for fresh eating, but excellent for preserves.

Raspberries can produce either one or two crops per year depending on the variety.

A group called summer-bearing raspberries produce a single crop during the summer season.

Another group called fall-bearing (also known as ever-bearing) provides a crop early in the summer and then another crop in the late summer to fall season.

All black raspberries and purple raspberries are summer-bearing.