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Grafted. Exotic Tangerine, Naartjies, Mandarin tree

Scientific name: Citrus reticulata,

English Name: Mandarin

Local Name:

General information

Mandarin orange is considered a native of south-eastern Asia and the Philippines. It is most abundantly grown in Japan, southern China, India, and the East Indies, and is esteemed for home consumption in Australia.

Three main climates are suitable for commercial citrus production - tropical climates, subtropical with winter rain such as in the Mediterranean and semitropical with summer rainfall as found in Florida and southern Brazil. The tree prefers a moderately heavy loam with a generous amount of compost and sand added plus a very sunny position

Mandarin fruit is much smaller than that of the sweet orange or equal in size, depending on variety. With great age, some may reach a height of 25 ft (7.5 m) with a greater spread. The tree is usually thorny, with slender twigs, broad-or slender-lanceolate leaves having minute, rounded teeth, and narrowly winged petioles. The flowers are borne singly or a few together in the leaf axils.

Health benefits

Mandarin oil is useful in the growth of new cells and tissues. This helps in healing wounds faster. Because mandarins are rich in Vitamin C, it provides the bodies with 80% of antioxidants that it needs. Vitamin C in mandarins is also good in preventing colds and is vital to the proper functioning of a healthy immune system.

Mandarin contains antioxidants that help reduce bad cholesterol and promote good cholesterol. It also contains fiber which helps to clean out our arteries of bad cholesterol. The fiber keep the stomach full for a longer period of time and reduce the desire or need to eat more food, assisting in weight loss.

Mandarins also help to lower blood pressure levels. They consist of nutrients and minerals like potassium that lowers the blood pressure. Mandarins keep the blood flow move smoothly through the arteries which keeps the blood pressure normal.

Mandarins have anti-microbial properties that prevent wounds from getting septic and from viral, fungal and bacterial infections.  Mandarins prevent spasm in the digestive and nervous system thus prevents cramps and vomiting. The fruit is also a natural blood purifier that helps to flush out toxins and unwanted substances from the body.