Palm Madagascar

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Madagascar Palm

Pachypodium lamerei

The Madagascar Palm may look like a small palm, but it is actually an easy-to-grow, succulent shrub with an interesting shiny silver trunk. The crown displays long, narrow green leaves that only grow at the top of the trunk, like a palm tree. Native to Madagascar, this exotic specimen looks incredible whether planted in an outdoor garden or kept in a beautiful pot and used as a houseplant.

Sure to be a conversation starter, this unique-looking beauty will thrive in full sun or partial shade environments and loves bright light. If used as a houseplant, be sure to place this plant in a well-lit part of your home. This engaging plant can really shine when planted outdoors with other Madagascar Palms. Some homeowners may want to plant this unique-looking Madagascar Palm in their front yard or backyard for use in a subtropical or tropical landscape theme.

While the Madagascar Palm can stay indoors and grow in the same pot for many years, this succulent shrub loves to grow outdoors in a group with other palms and cacti. Since they are moderately salt-tolerant, they are a good choice for coastal environments as well. They and are sure to bring year-round interest to any landscape in the Southwest.

Bigger, mature plants may bloom lightly fragrant, trumpet-shaped white flowers that give this plant its unique, Plumeria-like features. It requires low to moderate water use once established and has a slow growth rate. Due to its slow growth rate, buy as big as you can to experience all of the pleasing features of a mature Madagascar Palm. Come visit one of our huge nurseries and our nursery pros will be happy to help you select the perfect Madagascar Palm for your landscaping needs.