Queen of the Night

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Scientific name: Epiphyllum oxypetalum.

English Name: Queen of the night

Local Name: NA

General information

Queen of the night is native to Mexico, in the States of Chiapas, Tabasco and Veracruz, and in Guatemala in the departments of Izabal, Alta Vera Paz and Quiché, but it is now found in most part of Central America and Northern South America. The queen of the night is an epiphytic castus with erect or semi-erect protusely brenched, cylindrical up to feet (6m) long primary stems. The plant usually blooms at night, with the flowers sprouting from the notches along the stems.

Health benefits

The queen of the night  ontains corsoclic acid in the leaves which enables it to used as a natural treamtment option for various types of cancer such as breast, blood and hepaties. The leaves and flowers are used as an anitidote for high fever. The roots are used as a remedy stomach conditions. A decoction of the bark reflief dearrihea and ease cramps.

The plant can be used as a potent weapon for controlling blood sugar leaves on the body. It aids breaking down carybohydrates and sugar while facilitating the execreation from the body.  Euagitannin present in the leaves contains properties that that helps to fight diabetes. A decoction using the leaves are good in urinary disorders and renal inflammations.