White Oleander

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The White Oleander (Nerium oleander) celebrates the natural world with its full leaves and clusters of blooms. This broadleaved evergreen is sure to create a lush and rich verdant feeling for your garden.

If you love plants that burst with flowers in the summertime, this plant is sure to bring a smile to your face. Its stems hold an abundance of these modestly simple, yet elegant white flowers. And it flowers for weeks in the summer.

Lush, lance-shaped leaves are a rich green that really spotlight the white flowers. They also catch the wind and give a lively presence even when it's not in bloom. You'll love that graceful sense of motion in the landscape.

The single white flowers produce a sweet and subtle scent.

Use this tough plant in hot, dry sites where you need something "ironclad" that you won't have to mess with. Try a long hedge on a slope, or at the back of a property.

Be sure to select the right variety for your space. Give them enough room to reach their full size.

Left alone, they make an opulent, exotic rounded screen that has a lot of personality and fresh appeal. You'll see these growing in super harsh conditions, and they'll likely do just fine in your most challenging hot spots.

In colder zones, this plant makes an excellent, tropical "Thriller" in seasonal containers that can be brought inside to use as a houseplant when it dips below the 20s.